Banana Cinnamon Cake recipe


Lien Tumblr de la recette :

There’s any better way to celebrate the new year and holidays than spend time with your beloved ones in a cozy living room, eating a good slice of cake? So to thank you for following and supporting me for years (or to welcome you if you’re a new one!) I’ve decided to make a gift for you and start my “Pinnables and Printables recipes” series, one every month! This banana-cinnamon cake is one of my favorite recipes, is soooo good and I’m happy to share MY RECIPE (I’ve tested it, fix it and so on) with all of you!

You can download here

the JPG format in HD, print it and use for yourself. Or you can save it and pin it on your Pinterest!

PLEASE REMEMBER that you can use it only for your personal use. It means that you can print it as much as you want, make a present for other people, but you are not allowed to use it for a business or public purpose. I’ll be always the intellectual owner of this image!

I would LOVE to see the results of your baking… So please, share with me, send a photo to me via FacebookTwitterInstagramor e-mail me at!

Have fun!



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