The Tunguska Incident  is the work of my master’s degree and was also presented as an artist printed publication, as an exhibition and as an argumentative work with the same name. In The Tunguska Incident, I start from a real event – the explosion on June 30, 1908, near the Podkamennaya river in Tunguska, Russia, about which, to date, there is no consensus about its cause and origin –  to develop a fictional narrative an investigation into comics as a medium. Project approved and funded by Estado de Santa Catarina, Secretaria de Estado de Turismo, Cultura e Esporte, Fundação Catarinense de Cultura, FUNCULTURAL e Edital Elisabete Anderle/2014

translated by Érico Assis

tunguska_ingles_Page_01 tunguska_ingles_Page_02 tunguska_ingles_Page_03 tunguska_ingles_Page_04 tunguska_ingles_Page_05 tunguska_ingles_Page_06 tunguska_ingles_Page_07 tunguska_ingles_Page_08 tunguska_ingles_Page_09 tunguska_ingles_Page_10 tunguska_ingles_Page_11 tunguska_ingles_Page_12 tunguska_ingles_Page_13 tunguska_ingles_Page_14 tunguska_ingles_Page_15 tunguska_ingles_Page_16 tunguska_ingles_Page_17 tunguska_ingles_Page_18 tunguska_ingles_Page_19 tunguska_ingles_Page_20 tunguska_ingles_Page_21 tunguska_ingles_Page_22 tunguska_ingles_Page_23 tunguska_ingles_Page_24 tunguska_ingles_Page_25 tunguska_ingles_Page_26 tunguska_ingles_Page_27


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