Podcast on High-Frequency Colours (Amruta Patil, 2015)

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Sauptik’s Devlok: high-frequency colors

I will be adding to this list of very-short art podcasts on my Sound Cloud page. This one is about the high-frequency colours used in my forthcoming graphic novel ‘Sauptik: Blood and Flowers’ (HarperCollins, to be released September 2016)

Amruta Patil on Blogger
Amruta Patil
Writer, Painter
Amruta Patil is a writer and painter. She is the author of graphic novels 'Kari' and 'Adi Parva: Churning the Ocean'. Adi Parva was selected as one of 2012’s Best Graphic Novels by comic book historian Paul Gravett. Patil is currently completing Adi Parva’s sequel, 'Sauptik: Blood and Flowers' (to be released Fall 2016). Recurring themes in her work include memento mori, sexuality, myth and sustainable living. http://amrutapatil.blogspot.com
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- Parva : L’Éveil de l’Océan, éditions Au Diable Vauvert, 2012.
- Adi Parva : Churning of the ocean, éditions HarperCollins India, 2012.
- Kari, éditions HarperCollins India, 2008.
- Kari, éditions Au Diable Vauvert, 2008.
- Nel Cuore di Smog City (Kari), éditions Metropoli D’Asia, 2010 (Italian)

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