Až do konce srpna jsem zas v Angoulême v Maison des auteurs, na residenčním pobytu. Pod štítkem Angoulême najdete zápisky, co jsem si tu psala před osmi lety. Na tomhle odkazu je první z nich. Tentokrát sem budu asi spíš vkládat stránky komiksového deníku, co si tu vedu.
Vítejte v Nové Aqitanii, ve starodávném městě na řece Charente.


August 2018
This is how the French countryside looks like from the TGV windows. But then, I get out of the train and the smells and scents are here again and those old houses and I am happy to be here again. For the whole month, in the residency of Maison des auteurs.


Wednesday, 1.
In terrible heat I am happily climbing the hill up from the rail station to Maison des auteurs – House of authors. I have been here – how many? I am counting the years all the time – eight years ago, when I was drawing Les Sauvages. I worked really hard then.
– french tree
– french railing
I don’t have to this time. But I would like to, anyway. I’m just not sure what to do exactly…
Two days ago I finished a big work for TV, so I have time to do « something personal« , finally.
I just have to watch out so that this emptiness, this promising free time for creativity wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the infamous horor vacui.


1 — Mathilde and Gabriel, my room-mates, are waiting for me at the Maison.

2 — We are greeting with Pili. Since last time she’s got fantastic hair. (I mean, she had nice hairstyle, eight years ago she got hair too…)

3 — The staircase like in some castle. Room-mates are so nice, they help me with my suitcases.

4 — They even cooked the dinner.
He’s of the age of Bety, she’s like Martin. They live in Brussels, he’ going there soon

5 — Later we go out for a drink, with Nina too, we know each other from Norway.


Thursday, 2.
1 — The air is shivering with the heat outside. The sound of French chattering  and calming clinking of cutlery is wafting from the restaurant Jardin de Kashmir. I’ll go there for a lunch, at least to get the password for wifi. Then I could catch it across the street.
– My empty half of the bookcase

2 — I switch on my little radio I’ve brought.
– … deep in the sky! Your light sees far… You travel around the wide world… (lyrics from Dvorak’s opera Rusalka)
Mooooon, stand stiiiill a while and tell me where is my dear!

3 — I got a place in a studio in the 3rd floor. But I’m alone here. M+G are next.
I wonder what am I going to do here… What do I have in one month…

4 — Pokračování již brzy!  New pages coming soon!


to be continued