Direction: Francesca Marinelli e Dario Trovato

Subtitles: Italian/English
Filming technique: 2D animation on with HDV recordings.
Length: 04’58 »
Sound design, shooting and audiovisual post-production: Dario Trovato
Screenplay and animation: Francesca Marinelli
Actors: Laura Kfouri, Lucio Coppa, Francesca Marinelli

Francesca Oltremare MarinelliFrancesca Oltremare Marinelli

Francesca Oltremare Marinelli

FRANCESCA MARINELLI was born on March 10th 1985 in Latina and now lives in Angoulême. After studying at Turin's National School of Animation, she worked for two years as character designer and animator for a Florence-based animation studio. Francesca is currently working as a freelancer in the fields of short films, animated TV series and commercials. She has always had a strong passion for drawing, color and stories. Her works were featured in several contests, showcasing her transversal interest in illustration, comics and animation.

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