Auteur : Mickeyman

Mickeyman is not your typical comic creator. Instead of only focusing on drawing in the studio, his life and comics complement each other just like fried chicken and black pepper! Though he rides his trusty bike all over Taipei, budget airlines are also his good friends, allowing him to share his art in Paris, London, Kyoto, and other cities. Sometimes Mickeyman will sell his works at street booths for fun and to finance his world travels. Recently he has tackled Taiwan social issues such as rampant consumerism in his work. He's seriously funny!!! before being a pro comic artsit, mickeyman sell his works at street, and self-published 8 indie tiny comic books since 2012 . including works of "24 hrs of comic in Angouleme 2012, 2013" 2013 participated in the STGCC (SingaporeToys, Games and Comics Convention 2013) 2014"Worst trip in France & Spain"© gaea published won the golden comic award in Taiwan. 2015"no regrets @ Taipei" on mobile comic platform "comico"weekly. now working on new project "comic anthropology"

漫畫家們喝酒一起畫圖跨年 Le repas de Nouvel An des résidents de la Maison des auteurs, Angoulême, c’était chez Au Yao Hsing (avant la nuit chez Nathalie Ferlut). Photographie de Mickeyman, avec Rayco Pulido, Pedro D’Apremont (caché), Bohyun Kim, Jesse Moynihan, Eme De Armario, Miroslav Sekulic-Struja (tirebouchonné), Ana Šetka, Huifang et Au Yao Hsing ( 敖幼祥 )  

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